Composer behind corporate Proxy Server

set http_proxy=http://username:password@proxy:portset https_proxy=http://username:password@proxy:port Don’t use quotes around the parameter Encode passwords with php -r “echo urlencode(‘Pa$$w0rd!’);” winsh winhttp import proxy source=ie Self signed certificate in certificate chain – npm config set strict-ssl false c:\programdata\gemrc :ssl_verify_mode: 0

Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide

When your friends and family know you are technical you are often the first point of call for when technology plays up. One of the most often requests for help is when it comes to buying a laptop and asking for recommendations. I can quite understand this as there is an ever changing set of … Read more

UwAmp (Apache) .htaccess files not working

If you find that your .htaccess files are having no effect in UwAmp, then try setting Allow Override to All. This can be found in Apache Config, then selct your virtual server and double click the relevant Folder line. Change the Allow Override to All from none and OK.

UwAmp cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem

UwAmp cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see If you get the above error you may need to specify a certificate file in your PHP.INI which you can download from Once downloaded edit your PHP.INI and set the following

Testing Stripe Webhooks with Localhost

Stripe allows you to test your webhooks, but if you are running a local development environment such as UwAmp then it is difficult to integrate. The solution is to use Putty to create a reverse tunnel to publish the local dev enviornment through your webserver. On NGinx on the VPS server you need to allow the remote port … Read more